Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nails/Of The Rings collection duped?

I had refrained from speculating on this till now but it seems increasingly likely that the entire collection formerly owned by Nails Warstein has been duped. Lot of unique items belonging to that collection (new owner: Of The Rings @ Great Lakes) are surfacing in multiple copies. If true, then it is a huge blow considering this collection is the largest of its type in Ultima Online.


Halister said...

Keep us updated on this one Tomas, especially with screenshots and some evidence. I've suspected this since some unique seer items have been appearing in a few places, though I've never been able to nail down the locations, and the owners have been less than cooperative.

Elbryan Uthador said...

I have also been getting a few icq's asking about my interest in some items from that collection.

Anonymous said...

I think its quite obvious Nails duped the collection before selling out. VERY obvious. I remember his post saying he needed $$ for his mother. Lets pretend for a second that was a true statement. Who in their right mind wouldn't dupe a bunch of pixels to make tons of $$ to help out their mum. After all, its only a game with pixels. Its ridiculous people pay so much real life money anyway. I also hate how people keep defending Nails for being this 'upstanding' UO rares man. Give me a break! A 'broker' as well *gags* He sold pixels for $, I don't trust most people who do that. He also hasn't been on icq and no one can get in touch with him since he 'sold out', literally and figuratively. I'm sure he said hell with it, completely done with anything/anyone UO related. Took what he could get and bailed. Who knows who else he sold his duped items too, who is just waiting for the right time to sell and make real life $. Of course I could be wrong about all of this, just my 2 cents.