Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blast from the past

Someone pointed out to me that my little count down to Treyster hacking me has ran out!! 0 Days, 0 Hours, 0 Minutes

I completely forgot about it. Here is my original post on the matter, a little over a year ago now:

Since our friend Treyster is busy trying to hack me one of the things he has been doing is icq'ing people to help him find an e-assassin! As such, I have been getting ICQ's from random people forwarding me his msgs to them. Like this one:

[16:13] Treyster: I know you know alot of ppl....ppl who can probably Hack.....Im paying Top dollar to have Tomas Bryce hacked, his accounts deleted, his Blog site deleted and his computer Killed

In light of this rather moving quest that he is on, I figured I should start an official count-down! I give him one year to hack me. Well, more like: 1 year to find someone to hack me because he is incapable of doing anything himself besides lying through his teeth to people who trust(ed) him and pulling simple scams in an online game to pay for his bread and butter.

Alright so July 4th, 2009 is the grand deadline! I will put up a count-down as soon as I write a script for it.

So, I guess that was yet another EPIC FAIL on Treyster's part!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Selling is not duping

I grow increasingly bored of the relentless attacks on the innocent act of selling an item in Ultima Online for gold. Almost daily I read a wise ass comment equating someone's desire to sell an item with duping or some other exploit that is against the rules of the game.

Guess what? Selling items is not only perfectly legal, but it is encouraged. If the creators of Ultima Online did not want us to sell items, they would not have bothered with the entire vending system. Being a merchant in Ultima Online is a noble profession. It requires far more effort and creativity than sticking your Greater Dragon to the Shadow Lords.

I personally never play the game with the expectation of receiving a reward. If I want to kill Shadow Lords, it is because I want to experience just how difficult it is to do so. It turns out that it is not that difficult given the ever present two dozen Greater Dragons feasting on it. If I want to attend an event in game, it is again because I want to experience the story behind it and see how others react to it. I -never- do anything in Ultima Online with the hopes of getting a reward and not surprisingly, 999 out 1000 times, I don't manage to get one.

You know why? Most items that are worth having will have a spawn rate lower than the existing demand for it. I could a) treadmill whatever that needs to be done till I finally beat the odds and get the damn item, or b) save myself some time and just BUY the item that I want. Both of these options are valid playing styles. Not only that, they have a largely symbiotic relationship.

I find that option B is far more suitable for me and I am glad that some people are willing to sell their Mempos or whatever else, affording me the luxury to not spend hours doing something that I do not necessarily enjoy. I will happily spend my gold on items that I want. I will not go to U.Hall and demand that a Mempo to be placed in my bank while crying foul about anyone who is selling one.

(Yes, this is my first post in like three months! I still play Ultima Online frequently but have not had the time to blog!)