Sunday, July 6, 2008

Count-down to Treyster hacking me!

Since our friend Treyster is busy trying to hack me one of the things he has been doing is icq'ing people to help him find an e-assassin! As such, I have been getting ICQ's from random people forwarding me his msgs to them. Like this one:

[16:13] Treyster: I know you know alot of ppl....ppl who can probably Hack.....Im paying Top dollar to have Tomas Bryce hacked, his accounts deleted, his Blog site deleted and his computer Killed

In light of this rather moving quest that he is on, I figured I should start an official count-down! I give him one year to hack me. Well, more like: 1 year to find someone to hack me because he is incapable of doing anything himself besides lying through his teeth to people who trust(ed) him and pulling simple scams in an online game to pay for his bread and butter.

Alright so July 4th, 2009 is the grand deadline! I will put up a count-down as soon as I write a script for it.


Anonymous said...

I will put up a count-down as soon as I write a script for it.

Hahah!! You're a Scripter!! :)

Halister Marner said...

I do hope he wastes all his money trying in vain to hack you, then he'll be poor and banned. That sounds like an adequate combination for someone with deficient moral values.

I'm somehow reminded of an old quote...

"Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein."

I think that aptly applies.