Friday, July 4, 2008

(Small update on duping)

I would like to quickly share this information with everyone without going into details. Treyster aka Alec Moontree is a duper. He does not dupe items himself but he has been instrumental in supplying rares to dupers. He has been exploiting his connections in the rare community to not only sell duped items but to also acquire new items to be duped.

I realize that I am not providing great amount of details (at this time) and that this might be hard for some of you to believe but it is 100% supported by evidence. I will present the evidence here once I get the go ahead from the people who helped me acquire it.

Some of you might have already been aware of this but there are still quite a few people who trust him. Please spread the word.

Treyster's icq to me:
[01:15] Treyster: ill be putting all my money and effort into having your shit hacked know I can have it done, and I will now....
[01:32] Treyster: give me that have alot of ppl wondering......why are you singling ME out....from all the ppl you could have?
[01:33] Treyster: Parkay, Kyros, hollywood shono (soulweaver), tox.....tons and tons of other ppl.....but you choose me? (thanks for giving more names trey)
[02:34] Treyster: what are you trying to accomplish by doing this any ways? I mean you really think its guna stop ppl from buying from me?
[02:35] Treyster: Look at DVI's past Polls 90% of the ppl dont give a shit lol
(Note: I have only posted the most interesting ICQ msgs as I get them. In all fairness, there are indeed quite a few msgs where he denies the charge.)

Treyster has his vendors at Genesis Mall on Atlantic Luna.


Anonymous said...

Good job Tomas, I hope you expose all these guys for what they are, I won't name names since it's your blog and it's up to you, but I hope Trey is only the first to be brought to everyone's attention.

uo player said...

good job tomas!! keep up the good work!!!

what a shame it is that players have to do something about the cheaters

*shakes head*

your the man tomas!

Tomas Bryce said...

Aww you guys should use your stratics names so I know who is who!

Elbryan Uthador said...

Good job, getting Trey to name the others involved in duping will hopefully help end people buying from them.

Mr Pink said...

Nice one Tomas, and funny indeed as I just received this icq :

Steven Foreman: Need UO gold?? Buy from this Goose [xxx-xxx-xxx]. Trusted seller and he sells cheap!!! .90/million!!! Available on most shards!!! Let him know I referred you!!!! Thanks!!!

I feel sorry for all those ignorant/mean people.

Anonymous said...

i hate to say it but i feel stupid now. i bought some stuff from that bum.
thanks alot for giving the heads up on that scumbag
good job thomas