Thursday, July 10, 2008

Case Against Treyster

Couple of weeks ago, Nails Warstein approached me saying Treyster (Alec Moontree) was offering to dupe the entire collection owned by Oldsmobile which is for sale on Stratics. This did not come as much of a surprise to me as Treyster had been caught working with dupers in the past. For example, during the vine cord drama (more details about this further down - including the apology Treyster wrote) but it was still very disappointing as I had been convinced that he had changed and learned his lesson with the vc deletions.

So, I asked Nails for his icq logs but instead he proposed to give me his icq details so that I can log in myself and talk with Treyster pretending to be Nails. What happened next was quite revealing and I am going to post most of the conversation here (part of the end of the conversation is not posted as it implicates another person and I need to look into it further.)

Following is the log - Remember Nails Warstein in this conversation is actually me using his icq with his permission. I pretended that Nails and Oldsmobile (doug) were interested in his offer to dupe Oldsmobile's collection to get more details:

  1. [04:36] Nails Warstein: So, how will it work for doug
  2. [04:36] Treyster: Once I figure out if it still works or not, he can just bag it all up, wait 3-5 days and ill give him either double or triple back hehe
  3. [04:37] Nails Warstein: How many do you keep? How many does the guy keep? Who gets to sell first?
  4. [04:38] Treyster: I'll keep one of each, guy keeps one of each, and doug should get 2-3 of each back...more than likely 2 back, ill have to ask.

  5. and its dougs stuff so he gets to sell first
  6. [04:39] Treyster: and he'll sell us the stuff for insanely cheap afterwards so its np
  7. [04:39] Nails Warstein: What if it all ends up on dupe list on rare forums?
  8. [04:39] Nails Warstein: I am afraid doug doesnt get much out of it
  9. [04:40] Treyster: Tomas isnt guna be updating that....hes a fat lazy faggot, pardon my lan but i just dont like him cuz he doesnt like me and i cant even view stratics now thx to him (too bad rest was not as amusing)
  10. [04:40] Treyster: none of us do really....he'd be getting more than i ususaly do tbh
  11. [04:41] Treyster: we get our item + 1-2 back....he'll be getting his items + 2-3 back hopefully
  12. [04:41] Nails Warstein: Is it safe? what about EA?
  13. [04:41] Treyster: and after hes given us the free ones we'll have to pay for the items after that, but they'll be insanely $10 for most robes n such
  14. [04:41] Treyster: hell no its not safe lol....this is duping bro, the most illegal thing you can do in this game hehe (good to know that he is fully aware of his actions. No temporary insanity plea for him.)
  15. [04:42] Nails Warstein: Will this guy give items back
  16. [04:42] Treyster: but we've been doing it for months now with np.....can never tell when EA will do the ban hammer tho =/
  17. [04:42] Treyster: ive yet to have a problem....guy is really nice, not greedy by any means at all
  18. [04:43] Treyster: he gave me like 3b in runics and tokens for free lol just to show that he was trustworthy =/
  19. [04:43] Nails Warstein: is there any precautions doug and/or I can take while doing this?
  20. [04:43] Nails Warstein: wow 3B in runics?
  21. [04:44] Treyster: not really, no....I mean ive given him some pretty valuble stuff with np....but yea its very risky ya know I mean you could give him the items then tom EA decide to ban dupers and lose it all =/
  22. [04:45] Treyster: it does have its risks.....but the benifits out weigh them IMO hehe
While Treyster, as he states on line 17, was busy duping for months he was also busy trying to convince me that he does not indulge in fencing anymore. He wanted me to let him be part of the Rare Council and he even wrote this "apology." This apology came after me and Ryna confronted him over icq about the dozens of vine cords he was selling:

Treyster: I would like to take the time to Sincerely appologize to everyone of the rares community. Some of you may or may not knowthat recently I participated in the so called fencing of certain event items. It was a horrible decicion on my part and we all make mistakes, I learned my leason in a very hard way. Vine Cords sandles were deleted and I lost a many pair, it was a huge blow to my bank account and a slap back to reality to me. Since the deletion of the VC's I have yet to partake in any "Illegal" activity in the wonderful game of UO. From this "Fencing" of rares ive made quite a few enemies, got banned from stratics, and lost several very good friends. This "Mistake" I made has cost me alot and I have more than learned my leason, it was a very very harsh leason to be learned but what can we do from mistakes we make? Learn from them and move on. I do not expect everyone to forgive me for the things I've done I can only hope that you will all find it in your hearts to do so, I'm still the nice guy you've all known for years, and I'm still the honest and trustworthy Dealer and Collector, nothing has changed in that aspect. I made a huge mistake and I've learned from it and moved on, I belive that I have been Punished enough. I'm honestly and Truely sorry for what I've done, and im now actively trying to help the rares community in any way that I can.

I hope you will all forgive me for what ive done, Again I'm truely sorry to you all.

And in conclusion, just so you all know, Any "Shady" item that I sold months ago was very well known by the buyer to be "Shady". They all knew that the items they were buying were dupes, and they all knew the risks before buying. very very few ppl ever cared, and I only had 2 ppl complain when VC's were removed, They were not reimbursed because all trading in UO is buyer beware and they were all well aware of what they were buying.

From this appology I do not wish to be Flamed as I can not defend my self. I am currently not allowed to post on this great site. If anyone has anything to say to or about me at all please feel free to contact me at 121951026. I see lots of ppl talking behind my back, that is probably the most childish thing anyone could do, if you have something to say please say it to my face (virtual face hehe) I will not be offended.

Thank you all for your time and again I really am truely sorry.

In Summary,

Few of us strongly suspected Treyster for quite some time already when Nails contacted me out of the blue. I knew he (Treyster) was still fencing but I did not realize the extent of it till I had this chat with him.

If there is anything I can take away from this situation then it is that Treyster is a liar and anything he says can never be trusted. He is the type of a person who thinks that he can talk anyone into believing his bullshit. I am sure he will put a spin on this "Tomas hates me and is out to get me," "I was just lying to Nails," etc.

However, only you can decide for yourself. If you choose to believe that I am lying then more power to you. I really cannot be bothered about it. If I could muster up even the slightest hope that Treyster could change for the better, I would have done things differently. Alas, I know what Treyster is and I have shared that information with everyone else at the risk of my own account and facing fancied-up attacks on my integrity. Now, my work is done on this matter! You can do whatever the hell you want with this information (except post about it on stratics :P). I am not here to win a popularity contest and in the future, if an opportunity presents itself, I will not hesitate to expose others even if it shakes up someone's resolve to live in denial. I will be the first one to admit to having made mistakes in the past partly because I was not willing to admit to the existence of dupers or duping. This is the single biggest reason why non-collectors often dislike rare collectors; We are so often willing to ignore the ugly.

One final thing though: Please do think with your head. Just because someone with a lot of rares and/or high post count (or moderator status) says something does not make it true. You are your best friend and you have to think for yourself. Only way to look past all the bullshit.


Dothra said...

Btw tomas, (not that i have a issuse with it) but the biggest response from trey from this would prob just be "they are forged icq logs/ he is lying" wich could be counterd by hosting screen shots of the conversation logs in icq history instead of copy and pasting. Just a idea dont know if you want to put the extra effort.

Lady Aalia said...

Good Job Dear,

I am very proud of you :),
you have comee a long way from deleting my posts on the forums when i was bitching about these ass%^#%^& on the rares forum.


Tomas Bryce said...

Dothra: I believe I have a screen shot of the conversation - not sure. However, I am not sure why that would help as I can imagine that can be faked too.

However, I really don't care if someone wants to believe that this is all a lie. Why should I care? They can go ahead and keep on believing what they want. At the end of the day, it really does not affect me.

Hell, most people are not even that surprised by it as they already suspected it. Its not like I am accusing Mother Teressa of UO.

Meep meep said...



<333 hahaha