Monday, September 29, 2008

Annoying ICQ spammers

I would just like to tell my "friend" Dragkris to STOP SPAMMING ME WITH YOUR WORTHLESS TRASH - hmm maybe I should stop being lazy and put him on ignore. Now there is an idea!

[09:40] Dragkiris: 50 Val Runic Hammers 300m 25 Val Runic Hammers 200m & 25 Heartwood Fletching Kits 150m & 50 Verite Runic Hammers 225m & 40 Xfer Tokens 200m & Event Items Prices Vary From Shrouds To LT Sash!! Thanks Alot!!

[Added later]

A funny continuation of this story that I stumbled into at stratics. Apparently it is a scam? I really liked it when the guy wrote,
"I am only sending people to him. I did not personally endorse him"


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Halister Marner said...

That just shows how out of hand and bold the cheaters have become, the devs are far too slow in terminating the large stocks of duped items, and this is what the UO economy has come to - a select group controlling hundreds of billions in exploited items essentially running the gold selling, out of game market as well as the in game market by dictating the pricing of rares and high end items at their whim.