Saturday, September 20, 2008

Seer Fair '08

Last week I made a post about the on going seer fair on Izumo. Actually my rather nosy guildmate Athelas informed me of the Izumo fair.. This weekend the fair seems to have moved on to Hokuto and I was lucky enough to catch it. Here are some of the Hokuto pictures,

I took a gate from Luna...

There are three colors -
two in the tubs and one in the bascinet.

I guess the companions
on Hokuto like Blue!

Taking the other gates randomly
to see what else is going on.

No idea what this is

I decide to ask a friendly looking chap
(after a few bows, ofcourse)


Oh look a stage.
Actually a companion popped up on-stage a split second afterwards but I was too startled to take a screenshot.

Thats it! I think I have the shots from Izumo fair on my work computer. Will upload them if I find them.