Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Myth: Carebears ruined Ultima Online

It is a notion fairly common amongst the PvP community; one dark day filled with ill-omens all the care-bears banded together and used their heart power to create the lands known as Trammel. That day marks the beginning of the decline of Ultima Online for many players - and I am inclined to agree with that to some degree.

However, after reading some of the whines on Uhall regarding the faction changes from some of the "PvPers", I am more inclined to think that PvP in Ultima Online, and thereby the fate of Felucca, has become what it has because of them, rather than the care bears.

One of the funniest (worst) ideas I have read so far goes along the lines of making faction players not able to attack non-faction players. Huh? Really? So some of these so-called Feluccans want to destroy the most fundamental part of Felucca -can attack anyone you want anywhere- and create a mini-Trammel for themselves IN FELUCCA! Am I missing something here?

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