Thursday, January 1, 2009

Japanese Shards Tree Building Project - II

I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all the readers of UO Musings (even the whiners from U.Hall) - My New Years Eve was a grand fun, even though there were some close calls with the fireworks!

To kick off the new year, I bring to you a very special report!

As some of you might recall, I had mentioned about stumbling into a strange event named "Tree Building Project" on Hokuto few weeks ago. While checking up on the progress of that event, I stumbled into what initially seemed to be yet another one of those excellent markets that they organize on all Japanese shards. However, this did not quite feel the same way as the previous markets that I have been to. For starters, there were no signature tent shops.

I arrived in front of a giant gate with scores of people on top of it (and a horse!),

As I moved further in, I saw people enjoying knife throwing,

I decided to test my skills at throwing knives too,

I had a very lucky streak of 7 throws, and before I knew it I was transported to the top of the gate. Apparently, it acts not only as a gate but also as a podium,

I was curious about where all of the cows were coming from till I saw this statue. As Peil explains in his post on stratics, this is some sort of Year of Cow in Japan and hence, the cow statue!

Further exploration, got me to a statue of a squirrel. Double clicking the squirrel revealed a pleasant surprise,

This is what the female character reward looks like,

Enjoy! Gates are available from New Haven and Luna on all Japanese shards. I will accept one of your rewards as a tip if you wish :)

Please, I do request that you respect the culture of the shard and not act immaturely. One more request, if you are going to use my screen shots on another blog, please do link back :)

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