Monday, May 3, 2010

Know your collector: Peil

Most of you probably know Peil for the continued quest to finding the "I stole this shield". Also, Peil was the one responsible for providing valuable information to the rest of us during the Japanese dye slime event.

Peil is one of the rare 'collectors' that stems from the Japanese servers and I would be lying if I did not admit that I was excited to conduct this interview.

Tomas Bryce: Who is Peil?

Peil: "Peil" is my handle on the web. I live in Tokyo, and my job is a computer programmer. Also, a lot of people may have seen the name of "Wiv" on my signature.

"Wiv" is a my most favorite (and main) character on UO. She lives at Asuka as a thieves. She wish evidence that she was alive to Britannia through the thieving. Here is her profile (English) on my web site. Although almost all pages are written in Japanese, I want to translate to English some day.

Tomas Bryce: That is quite an inspirational profile, kudos!

Tomas Bryce: I am curious. Is rare item collecting as popular on Japanese shards as on Western shards? What type of differences do you find between the two?

Peil: There are many collectors who have a wonderful rare museum also in the Japanese player. However, rare collecting is not popular in comparison with other countries/shards on the whole. Although the so-called "Server Birth Rare" is popular, there are almost no dealings of "EM rare" in Japanese shards. I think that two big causes are in this.

First cause, I think that EM event does not exist in Japanese shards. The original event moderator manages an event inside the game and outside it. In almost all cases, those events are not accompanied by rare items. Even if rare items are dropped, almost all people can get in many cases.

Second cause, I feel that Japanese player are exclusive to foreign shards, unfortunately. Japanese player tend to avoid English and there are seldom those who play foreign shards which needs English. Even if those player exist, they don't participate in the community of a spot, and almost Japanese player don't know wonderful EM event or an EM rare existence.

However, there are many Japanese players, and a lot of people have very much GP. Therefore, I suppose that if Japanese player participate in a foreign community more and know EM event/rare's wonderfulness, a rare community will spread.

Tomas Bryce: Do you feel that there is a large culture gap between Western servers and their Japanese counterparts? For example, I have always felt that the community element is stronger on Japanese servers.

Piel:  I also feel the culture gap through playing at foreign shards. Although there are many gaps, I think that the most big difference is expression method of exchange.

Almost Japanese player are very modest. They think that humility is a virtue, and this is the national traits of Japanese. Therefore, when you play at Japanese shards, you may feel as if Japanese players are reticence. Surely, when I played at foreign shards for the first time, everybody's friendly behavior surprised me. However, Japanese people are only moderate, they also have respect for relationship.

For example, UO related activity at out of the game is active in Japan. Each Japanese shards have a portal web site, and there is a SNS of UO, too. Moreover, a lot of people have a fan site or blog about UO, and various relationship exist at there.

Thus, although there is a gap between active foreigner and a modest Japanese, I think that the heart which values relation, and the feeling of enjoying UO are the same :)

Tomas Bryce: Very nicely said! I know you have been chasing thief related event items for quite some time now. Which such items have you managed to collect so far?

Peil: I love thief related items indeed. For example, items which include words of "Thief" or "Stolen" or so in the name. Although I also love cute graphics items, I give priority over thief related one. Here is the list of my such collection :)

  1. "Queen of Thieves" ring (Old Seer Item ?)
  2. "A Pilfered Painting" (Europa's one)
  3. "I stole this ****!" items (GL EM Event Rares)
  4. "Stolen Cookies" (Napa EM Event Rares)
  5. "Easter Carrots" with "Stolen" in the name

My most favorite item (in the whole world !) is "Queen of Thieves" ring. This is a silver ring with only blessed tag and special name. Although there are no useful properties, I think this ring is most matched ring for thieves. Incidentally, this ring doesn't exist in my little museum because Wiv has always put on :P

I also like "A Pilfered Painting". This picture was stolen by Ricardo, and Ricardo is a Wiv's rival in thieving (She said so lol). And "I stole this **** !" is good, too. At once, I had gotten all of these items (sword, shield, staff, robe, necklace, lantern and dye tub). However, unfortunately, I lost this shield by my rock down trouble. So, I'm looking for this for sale !! :)

Tomas Bryce: That brings an end to the interview. Do you wish to add any final words?

Piel: First of all, thanks for the interview Tomas. Although this interview was difficult (since I cannot express in English so well...), it was very precious experience.

Moreover, I am enjoying the posting to Stratics each time. I often post with a illustration even if it's a ordinary offering post so that it may become a pleasant report. I wish for everybody to enjoy seeing my report.

Thank you for reading this interview.

"Let's meet in Felluca at Asuka :P" by Wiv

Tomas Bryce: Thank you again, Peil. It was a great pleasure finding out a bit more about yourself. I would ask everyone to check out your website and browse the art gallery.

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