Thursday, May 7, 2009

Return To West Britain Bank - A 100M+ Gold Contest

Ever wished that you could get paid for bank sitting? Well, now you might just be able to! Read on..

The contest will span over four weeks starting 12th of May till 2nd of June on Atlantic shard. Players from other shards are most welcome.

There will be 3 prizes given out. At this moment,
1) 1st place winner = 50M gold
2) 2nd place winner = 30M gold
3) 3rd place winner = 20M gold
4) 15th place winner = Royal Guard Investigator Cloak (+20 stealth) - 200M-400 Million gold value

Click the image to open in full size.

(If you want to donate gold for the purse, please contact me)

So, how does this contest actually work - you might be wondering?

During the three week period, I will be randomly visiting West Britain Bank at different time of the day. Each time I visit, I will do all names and take a screen shot. Points will be rewarded as follows:

1) If your name is present in the screen shot, you will get one point added.
2) If you have a text over your head (implying that you are actually present), you will get an additional point.
3) If you are gating to some place in the screen shot, you will get an additional point.
4) Along with player names, there will be a compilation of guild names. The guild with the most number of unique character names at end of the contest will get an automatic benefit such that if any of the winning guilds members are within +/- 1 range of rank 15 (i.e. rank 14, 15, 16), then they will win the royal investigator prize. In case of multiple members from the winning guild being able to benefit from this ... the winner will be decided by the guild master of the said guild or toss of a mint gold coin!

At end of the 4 week period, I will compile the points. The top three winners will receive the aforementioned prizes.

1) It is recommended that you have your guild tag on, if you are in a guild.
2) It is recommended that you make up a random guild and keep your guild tag on, if you are not in a guild.
3) There is definitely chance for error in the format.. but.. OH WELL!
4) Yes, you can get a point for being AFK. I encourage people to go AFK at Brit bank.. It is the best way to win this contest!
5) Motivation for this contest is that I HATE LUNA
6) I will be visiting at all times of day.. even in middle of night.. (points to note #4)
7) Attempts at being seriously cheeky could qualify you for a disqualification

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to make them in this thread. Random whines are welcome too as it will bump the post!

As indicated earlier, if anyone wants to donate gold (not looking for anything else) to make this even more attractive.. my ICQ is in my signature. If you don't have any gold but would like to still help then spam Luna Bank with books of this contest or gate to WBB from Luna bank during this period.

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